Bell House Beauty takes more of an “Apprentice” approach to teaching Permanent Makeup not just a single day or weekend. The apprenticeship is a month long, during this time the apprentice will have an opportunity to complete 5 hands on procedures. Currently we are offering Permanent Makeup Training specifically for the Ombre’/ Powder Brow Technique. Review financing page if interested in payment plan via Sezzle.

What does the New PMU $2500 course cover?

Bell House Beauty Certification!!!

5 Hands on procedures from start to finish !!!

Brow shaping with two methods

Brow mapping with use of Phi App

Use of PermaBlend Ink, Specifically Brow Daddy’s The Gold Collection

Proper Sanitation according to your county’s permit regulations

Client Aftercare Instructions and Consent Form

Additional Business Development $500

Business contacts via Google email & Google Voice app

Business Card and Signage Creation Vista Print

Photography & professional online stock images via Shutter Shock & Adobe

Social Media Exposure on Instagram & Facebook

Search Engine Advertising on Google and YouTube

$1,000 worth of credit card processing fees for free via Square

Digital Aftercare Instructions and Consent Form Creation via Jot Forms

Client Financing via Sezzle

What the course does not cover?

Any technique other than machine made Ombre’/ Powder Brows (referred to as Microblading)

Color theory or coverup work

Permanent makeup removal

What the course does not include?

Text or workbook, apprentice must take notes

Subscriptions or fees for any digital accounts

Practice Materials

Supplies for hands on model work

Models for brow procedures

How much time does the apprentice need to dedicate to this training course?

4 hour shadow session of trainer

5 hour self practice of brow shaping

5 hour self practice of brow shading on practice pad

20 hours to hands on model work (4 hours per model)

10 hours of digital account setup (optional)

How much experience does the apprentice need before taking this training course?

None, apprentice must be at least 18 years old but no education requirement or license in any field necessary.