What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup procedures produce a natural appearance similar to the look of real makeup. These procedures involve depositing pigment into the upper layers of the skin with a specialized tattoo machine. Disposable sterile needles with professional grade vegan ink are used for each procedure. Expect oily skin types to retain ink for upto two years and dry skin types upto three years.

Ombre’ Brow Technique $400

The Ombre’ Brow technique is best for “virgin” brows with no previous permanent makeup. The tails of Ombre’ Brows are darker and fade into a light start in the front. One touch up session is recommended after eight weeks for optimal results.

Powder Brow Technique $400

The Powder Brow Technique is recommended for those with previous permanent makeup. The entire brow from front to tail is equally saturated to coverup previous permanent makeup. The new brow color and brow shape must completely cover the old. At least one touch up session is required after eight weeks for optimal results. A second touch up session may be necessary to fully cover old permanent makeup within 12 months.

Touch up $200

Touchup offered to existing clients only 2 to 12 months after initial session. Clients seeking a color boost to darken faded brows and redefine existing shape.